If you are around 40 years of age or older and find that you need to hold print material further and further away in order to focus clearly enough to read, you may be one of the more than one billion individuals worldwide now having to deal with an inevitable condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the loss of accommodative function. That is, the lost ability of the lens inside the eye to change shape in response to a visual stimulus allowing focus on nearby objects. Another common example of presbyopia is the inability to read a menu in low light situations.

Virtually all individuals will develop presbyopia and it is the single most common visual disorder.

There is no treatment for presbyopia, yet. Managing presbyopia today is accomplished with corrective lenses, or “readers”. While glasses can provide the correction needed to focus on nearby objects, the field of vision is not as broad as natural vision.

Quality vision is one of the most important contributors to a great quality of life. Encore Vision was formed to create a breakout solution to the global issue of presbyopia and to improve vision and quality of life. Encore Vision is developing the world’s first treatment directed at a leading cause of presbyopia. We are excited about the potential to finally treat presbyopia, one of the most prolific human conditions of aging. Encore Vision has made significant product development progress and has begun human clinical trials (click here for more information).